Kraft Fight Hunger Bowl Game – Navy vs. ASU

Navy Game_2_2_2-010

On Friday, December 28th we attended a Naval Academy Forum aboard the USS Hornet in Alameda. What an informative and fun day! I will post our pics about the Hornet another day. Matt is planning to apply to the academy in the fall.

Two attendees at the forum were given tickets to the Kraft Fight Hunger Bowl Game at AT&T Park to watch Navy vs. A.S.U. and Matty was one of them.  My hubby had to work on Saturday so I decided to take Matt and his friend. I DO NOT drive to the city and this was taking me WAY OUT of my comfort zone…the things you do when you love someone…I LOVE YOU, Matty!

We got an early start on Saturday and arrived at AT&T park without any problems or accidental detours:)  We found parking close by and had plenty of time look around the park before game time.  We enjoyed the game and then headed for home a few minutes before the game ended.

Our drive home was a bit stressful. I had printed directions to get home and wasn’t able to utilize them due to street closures. I began praying and know God was watching over us on our drive home!  After getting deeper into the city, traffic stopped and we were next to a SUV with it’s passenger window down. Two men were in the vehicle and I asked if they could direct me on how to get to the Golden Gate Bridge. They just happened to be from Santa Rosa and said to follow them.  I followed them and after a couple of stop lights we got separated.  NOOOO…I was praying, my legs were literally shaking and I was SO STRESSED OUT!  When the light turned I proceeded to turn and was SO THANKFUL to see the SUV pulled over waiting for me. God was definitely watching over me! After going up and down many steep streets and turns this sweet man would pull over if we got separated.  When we were on flat land the passenger hopped out of the vehicle and asked if I knew my way home from the bridge. I assured him I would be fine and I made sure to ask their names. A huge THANK YOU to Mr. Jeff Harkey, owner of Harkey Construction and his passenger Cameron Holtz…sweet strangers who took the time to get me and the boys safely out of the city.  THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart!

Wishing you all a safe and Happy 2013 filled with many blessings!
Kimberly Myers


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